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Muscat, Oman | Oman

Muscat (Arabic: مسقط‎, Masqaṭ pronounced [ˈmasqatˤ]) is the capital of Oman. It is also the seat of government and largest city in the Governorate of Muscat. According to the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), the total population..  ︎  Wikipedia.org
Detailed Information
City:Muscat, Oman
Neighborhoods:Al Azaiba South, Al Azaybah North, Al Badi, Al Humriyyah, Al Khuwayr South, Al Koudh, Al Maabilah, Al Mawaleh South, Al Wadi Al Kabir Industrial Estate, Al Wutayyah, Ghala Industrial Estate, Madinat As Sultan Qaboos, Ruwi
Timezone:Gulf Standard Time
Local Time:Wednesday 12:17 AM
Related Area Codes:232526929394

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